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Dyslexia-Friendly Literature

Hank Zipzer 1: The World's Greatest Underachiever and the Crazy Classroom Cascade
Henry Winkler, Lin Oliver

First in the New York Times bestselling series from dyslexic Henry "the Fonz" Winkler and Lin Oliver. There are many reasons why Hank Zipzer shouldn't have to do homework, e.g. every pen he owns has run out of ink, his thoughts are controlled by alien beings, he's allergic to lined paper... In this first book in the highly popular series, Hank's ingenious plans to avoid doing his homework end in comic disaster as he accidentally floods his classroom. Perfect for reluctant readers.

Barrington Stoke Acorn Primary Reading Age 6
Barrington Stoke Acorns

Engage your most reluctant and struggling readers with our lowest reading age, full-colour titles for primary children.This pack features some of the best authors in the business - from thrills and chills to adventure and laugh-out-loud humour, there's something for everyone with these eight fantastic stories. (Pack only - titles not available separately.)

Barrington Stoke Acorn Primary Reading Age 6
Jo Browning Wroe,‎
C. L. Tompsett

Engage your most struggling and reluctant teen readers with this pack of ten individual stories, with titles suitable for both boys and girls. (Pack only - titles not available separately.)

Black Beauty: Dyslexia-Friendly Edition
Anna Sewell

Black Beauty is the autobiography of a horse. This gentle book follows the life a well bred horse, from her early childhood in a pleasant meadow, through a myriad of owners – some kind and some cruel – until fate returns her to the meadow in which she was born. A wonderful story that will remain with you and your child.


This classic tale has been formatted to make it more dyslexia-friendly, with larger text (font size 14), larger line spacing (1.5 lines), an easy to read font (Ariel) and is also printed on cream paper.

12 Years a Slave: Dyslexia-Friendly Edition
Solomon Northup

In 1841, free-born African American Solomon Northup was offered a job in his hometown of Saratoga Springs, New York. He followed his employers to the job site at Washington, D.C., where he was beaten, drugged, kidnapped, and sold into slavery, eventually ending up on a plantation in Louisiana owned by Edwin Epps.


This classic tale has been formatted to make it more dyslexia-friendly, with larger text (font size 14), larger line spacing (1.5 lines), an easy to read font (Ariel) and is also printed on cream paper.

Impact: Young & Creative
Rebecca Constable

Rebecca Constable was a 19-year-old undergraduate in theatre design, when she was awarded the title Young Creative of the Year.

Her extraordinary piece of creative writing ‘Impact’ made a huge impression on the judging panel.

You can share that piece here, along with other writing and art work that showcases Rebecca’s talent.

Also available on a variety of other coloured backgrounds.

A Nottinghamshire Pitman's Story
David Coleman

Dyslexia-Smart: tailored for dyslexic readers but can be read by anyone.


As deep coal mining has now ended as an industry in the UK, this book is part of an enduring record of mining life over a long period in the East Midlands.  The book is lavishly illustrated. Many items of mining memorabilia are shown in photographs and their use explained in the text. There are stories, poems and anecdotes, some tragic, some tender, some funny, all based on a career spent in the pits. So this is an authentic mining voice. For those who know nothing about coal mining there will be much of interest to discover, and for those who have experienced pit life, there will be a great feeling of nostalgia.

Dyslexia-Smart Literature from Dayglo Books

Dayglo Books are the first and only books designed to address the difficulties faced by people who have to deal with Visual Stress and Dyslexia on a daily basis in their lives.

Dayglo Books feature:

  • Non-white paper

  • A spacious page layout

  • A clear type face

  • Well defined paragraphs

  • Ragged right-hand margins

  • A maximum of 100 pages

Browse Dayglo Books' full collection

Dyslexia-Friendly Literature from Firestone Books

Firestone Books have published a number of classic texts in dyslexia-friendly formats.


  • The text is written in a large, easy to read font (Arial, size 14).

  • There is extra spacing between lines (1.5 line spacing).

  • The pages are cream rather than white.
  • The layout has a ragged right edge, rather than the more usual justified.

  • Italics, underlining and block capitals are minimised.

Browse Firestone Books' full dyslexia-friendly collection

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