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Dyslexia Books is a dyslexia-specialist online bookstore run by Create-A-Word Books Ltd, a small Worcestershire-based publishing company. Dyslexia Books is affiliated to Davis Learning Foundation.

Dyslexia Books champions and celebrates the assets that accompany the dyslexic thinking style. Dyslexics, educators and parents don't learn all that much from what dyslexics find difficult. Rather, the key to unlocking dyslexic potential is to discover what dyslexic talents tell us about how dyslexics think and learn.

Therefore, we focus on books which:

  • convey a genuine understanding of how dyslexics think and learn;

  • retell the experience of being dyslexic in ways that foster both empathy and empowerment;

  • unlock the world of books for dyslexic readers with a proper regard for dyslexic intelligence.

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